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Automotive Art Blog

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My Passion for painting cars

I have a real passion for painting automobiles, especially Porsches and in particular the 911 with its timeless elegant design, fantastic engineering and attention to detail. From an early age I have been fascinated by all things Porsche, a true icon of the motoring world.

Campbell 001 front copy.jpg

‘1931 Cambell-Napier- Railton Blue Bird’’ 

This painting was part of an exhibition for the Royal Automotive Club, Pall Mall London.  I choose to paint the Malcolm Campbell 1931 Cambell-Napier- Railton Blue Bird  land speed record vehicle, because of it’s stunning design and legendary status, it was way ahead of anything else at the time, the stuff of bygone times and legend.

Zuffenhausen Stuttgart web.jpg

Porsche factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

A liitle while ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit the Porsche factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. It was a wonderful trip with a visit to the Porsche museum, a tour of the incredible manufacturing facility. More inspiration for me to continue my passion for painting cars.

Motorcycle and sidecar web.jpg

Sidecar Racing

This painting is based on a very small old photograph from the 1980’s of British sidecar racing supplied by the client. As the reference quality was not great and the details unclear I had to use a certain amount of artistic license to capture the moment on canvas. The client was delighted with the painting, invoking lots of happy memories for family and it was a great pleasure for me to paint it for them. 

racecar web.jpg

Early Artwork

I painted this way back in the 1990's, created as a greeting card design to capture the thrill of motor racing when I was a full time illustrator, makes me feel a bit old now, how fast time flies by. I still remember how much I enjoyed painting this. 

Wilmslow 016.jpg

Porsche monthly club night

Many thanks to Porsche Wimslow for letting me make an appearance with my automotive paintings at the Monthly Club Night.


Rob Hefferan Car Painting porsche
Rob Hefferan Car Painting porsche
Rob Hefferan Car Painting porsche
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