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Rob Hefferan Artist


Office with painting Rob Hefferan

In 2003 I left the world of illustration and advertising and made a clean break, becoming what I always wanted to be, a full time artist. My first show sold out in two hours and since then my popularity and reputation has grown year on year.

I made my mark as a figurative artist selling my work all over the world to art lovers, well known celebrities and anyone with a passion for figurative art thus cementing my reputation as one of the leading figurative artist of my generation.

However, as I previously mentioned, my fascination and now obsession with cars never went away.  Success with my figurative work had now enabled me to finally be in a position to afford these automotive works of art with Porsche being a particular passion of mine.

I decided I to create a painting of one of my favourite cars which resulted in me being commissioned by a client to capture their pride and joy on canvas. Then came the idea to make painting cars an addition to my existing portfolio of work so henceforth Rob Hefferan Automotive Art was born!

Ever since I was a young boy I had a passion for art and a fascination for cars. I spent my entire childhood drawing and painting, spaceships, dinosaurs and anything that grabbed my attention and inspired me. As the years went by I harboured  ambitions to one day be a professional artist and own the car I was so fascinated by as a child, a Porsche 911.

On leaving school I took the usual route for most artists, I attended art school and loved the experience of being with likeminded people for the first time in my life. After Art School I acquired an Agent and worked for many years as an illustrator on many high profile advertising campaigns etc. I created artwork for book covers, greeting cards and anything that utilized my artistic skills. During this period I would spend my evenings and weekends working on my own art, still chasing and pursuing the dream of being a full time fine artist. 

True Romance Rob Hefferan  painting


Rob Hefferan  porsche painting
Rob Hefferan  porsche painting
Rob Hefferan  porsche painting
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